Dodo Dodger

Dodo Dodger Header

The Idea

Developed to rival the popular game Flappy Bird by reproducing its simple gameplay mechanics, with the addition of an original story and character. Working on a small team of two, Dodo Dodger follows the survival adventure of the last surviving dodo. The Dodo is a flightless bird but desperate for survival our dodo escapes their predatory environment of the ground using his Dodo Gadget Copter to manoeuvre his way through the skies.

My Role

Software Developer

My Tools

Adobe CC


Dodo Dodger’s development took place over a course of 2 weeks as part of my module Production and Prototyping. I split the work with my colleague Conor Kelly, and It served us as an introduction into team game development and the software GameSalad, which would serve in building several other games over the semester.

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