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The Idea

Aiming to replicate the gameplay mechanics and fun of the classic Super Mario Bros. (1985) but with my own take with unique child friendly, characters and world. Overtime the story and character developed into a silverback gorilla called ‘Kong-Fu’, who is a defender of the rainforest from deforestation and devastation.

My Role

UI/UX Designer
Software Developer
QA Tester

My Tools

Adobe CC


As part of my module for Production and Prototyping, Kong-Fu was restricted to a strict 6 weeks of development. To ensure the best user experience for gameplay an iterative process was taken for development allowing for planning, design, implementation, testing and evaluation. These steps were repeated in 3 main cycles of production, Alpha, Beta and Gold.


I focused on gameplay to make sure the feel and controls of the game for the user were correct, placeholder art was used. Starting to test early helped on getting user feedback on level design, which required major redesign due to being too short and boring. On a positive note I saw what new gameplay mechanics and interactive environmental elements I introduced were being enjoyed by users.


Building on from the feedback of users, I added different enemy types, along with adjusting level design to include more of the environmental features they enjoyed. To expand on new gameplay mechanics, for the beta we introduced some new power ups for Kong-Fu to use for defending the rainforest such as a shuriken and gorilla rage! Concept artwork was included to begin getting user feedback on the world I was building.


For the gold/final build of Kong-Fu only minor adjustments were made to level design and mechanics. Finalised artwork and animations were all included. The major update to this build was the inclusion of a prologue cutscene to introduce our main character and enemies of our game. This simple cutscene required storyboard sketches, which were tested on several users of various age groups to make sure the tale of Kong-Fu was understood by players of all ages.

Final Thoughts

This was my first major project as part of my masters degree to learn and follow the correct development process. I learnt how to manage my time and tasks using Trello to make sure self made deadlines were met. The constant testing for user feedback made finding bugs easier, while also improve the overall gameplay experience by making the simple adjustments that I wouldn’t have thought of without seeing people playing the game.

Kong-Fu is available for Android devices and can be downloaded here.

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